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About a year ago I had a serious operation and had an ugly scar from my ear to my collarbone.  One of my customers gave me a bottle of Baby Face, and told me to spray it twice a day and it would heal the scar really well. 

I thought,” Yeah right!” but I did it anyway, and also sprayed my face.  In 90 days the scar was completely gone, and my smoker’s wrinkles were too!   I was amazed, and some of my customers asked me if I had “ work done.“  What a difference!
Wilma H. Las Vegas

I have allergy problems; Most days my eyes itch.  Then a friend introduced me to Baby Face, and it literally has changed my life!  If I feel that “itchy eye” thing starting, 

I spray my eyes with Baby Face, and the redness and the itch disappear immediately!  Also, I am now 50 and don’t have a wrinkle on my face !  I keep 3 bottles going;  One in my truck, one in my locker at work, and one at home in the bathroom.  I’ll never be without it;  It’s the best!
Bill A. San Diego, CA

I'm sending a picture of the 4 month results with BabyFace. There has definitely been a change for the better. By the way, I am 66 1/2 yars old, a fact I continually lie about, and now I have the product that helps me lie even more!   It’s amazing……
Janet M. Schwenksville, PA



What makes BabyFace the best skin care product on the market? There are several factors; First of all, it's completely natural. That means that it works with the body's natural chemistry. Not against it. Truly organic skin care !

Another factor is the superior hydration it provides. Babyface is the best hydrating skin care product in the world.

Can we prove that ?...You bet ! What is the definition of "hydration" ? It means "adding moisture ( Water) to something. " In this case the skin. Now look at the ingredients in Babyface . There's only one ! . It is 100 % , Electrolyzed, Micro-structured, Stabilized Water . ! Yep; WATER ! A very special water. Question: . Is there anything that adds water better than water . ??....I don't think so....

But Babyface is a lot more than just water: Let's define the terms "Electrolyzed", "Micro-structured", and "Stabilized".

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"Electrolyzed" describes the process we use to make Babyface. We take a volume of water and zap it with electricity ! This process eliminates fluoride, chlorine, and other dangerous chemicals, and changes the structure of the water in many important ways.

It actually reduces the size of the water molecule. ( "Micro-structuring" ) This helps BabyFace penetrate the skin much faster than regular water. The absorption of this water into the skin, will plump and tighten it. In about 60 seconds, the skin will become softer and smoother.

"Stabilized" means that BabyFace will retain its properties for many years ! . Regular electrolyzed waters only remain in solution for a matter of hours.

The electrolyzation process leaves the water with a positive ( + ) electrical charge. This positive charge actually repels airborne free radicals. (Also positively charged) And we have designed BabyFace to kill all harmful bacteria and viruses on contact. The bottom line is; Your skin is left in pristine condition !

This is crucial, because healing skin must be protected from airborne free radicals, viruses & bacteria. Babyface is the only product that does this.

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We have designed Babyface to be acidic, just as healthy skin should be. You will find that it is hypo-allergenic and works with all skin types.

And finally, Babyface restores the acid mantle, the skins natural protection.

A complete skin care treatment in an easy-to-use spray.... Use at your convenience... No ritual to follow.

Let's recap: Babyface works with your body's natural chemistry; Is hypoallergenic; Adds moisture; Plumps and tightens; Protects from free radical damage, viruses & bacteria; Restores the acid mantle; Can be used anytime, anywhere....Is there any other product that does these things ? No !

Here's the science behind the effectiveness of BabyFace: Your body operates at a neutral pH balance of 7.0 But skin is different - its protective barrier, the acid mantle, is composed of dead skin cells, fatty acids, and lipids. Experts say that it works most effectively at a pH of 5.5.

Researchers in Belgium, however, have reported that rather than 5.5, it's healthier to bring the skin down to a pH of about 4.0 to 4.5.

Important questions to ask are; " How does our skin become too alkaline in the first place?... And how can we prevent this??"

Here's the answer; Every day, we use soaps, shaving creams and shampoos. Almost all of them have a pH between 8 and 10. The use of these things leaves our skin at a pH between 6 and 7. At this alkalinity, the acid mantle breaks down. This allows allergens, pollutants, free radicals, and bacteria to enter the skin, while allowing moisture to escape.

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Now you can understand why skin becomes dry. Then to make matters worse, many people apply a "skin care" product that is also alkaline. (Almost all of them are.)

Now you know why "moisturizers" don't moisturize, and your skin is still dry !

Correcting dry skin requires the proper intake of water, and getting your skin to the proper pH. At the correct pH, it will retain moisture and protect against environmental threats that can age you prematurely.

A recent study in the British Journal of Dermatology reported that women with skin in the pH area of 6 to 7, experienced a greater number of fine lines and crow's feet than those with a more acidic level. At last ! The remedy for crow's feet !...... Simply drink lots of good water, and get your skin to the proper pH !

And how can we do that? Easy-Peasy! Just spray with BabyFace and air dry... It doesn't get much simpler than that.

So; What have we learned here ? That the least understood, and the most important consideration when choosing a skin care product is the pH !!

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All BabyFace products are acidic. Almost every other skin care product on the market, is alkaline ! As you have seen, alkaline is not good for your skin.

Now let's take a look at the ingredients in other "skin care" products: First of all, they all have an oil in them, and yet they all claim to "moisturize". Question: How exactly does oil, add moisture to the skin ???... It doesn't ! .... It only clogs the pores and leaves a residue. Any moisture added? No ! Impossible !

Read the label further: You will find a lot of things that only a chemist could pronounce ! Know this: The things you put on your skin are eventually absorbed into your body. Are these things safe ? Do you want that stuff in your body ? Probably not.

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And how safe is Babyface ?... So safe that you can spray it in your eyes ! (DO ...Great for allergies and "tired" eyes) Or drink it !.... (Don't . ...Has the same acidity as a Coke or Pepsi)

Here's what you can expect when you use Babyface: A general improvement or elimination of any skin condition; The healthy look of well hydrated skin; The lessening or elimination of wrinkles; The elimination of rough skin as it becomes soft and smooth; The elimination of enlarged pores, fresh scars, and fever blisters. BabyFace corrects many problems, and prevents many others by leaving the skin in pristine condition. Think of it as a "skin sanitizer".

Are there any other skin care products that can do these things ? ...No...And none can produce the results that BabyFace does.

As you continue to use Babyface, you will see your skin become better & better. In 90 days, your skin will be about as good as it can be.

Important ! .. Before using Babyface, please take a close-up photograph of your face, and put it aside. After 90 days, compare the photo, to the face you see in the mirror. You will see the improvement with your own eyes !

If you do not take the picture, it will be harder to see the improvement. Why ? Because the changes will be very subtle. ...( Just the same way you added those wrinkles, etc.) But the accumulation of these subtle changes over a period of 90 days, will be very noticeable. ....Many users of Babyface, have called it a "facelift in a bottle."

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Imagine this scenario; You meet someone that you haven't seen for a while, and they comment on how great you look. They may even ask if you've had "work" done. Farfetched ? ...No...This exact thing has happened to many Babyface users, ( Including me ! ) and it may happen to you too! That's how well Babyface works.

We recommend using Babyface twice a day and air drying. Maximum results, may take up to 90 days.

Need more proof ? There are currently two professional models that use our products exclusively. Both in their 60's and look in their 40's. You can see one of them on our Babyface brochure, which is shown elsewhere on this website.

If you are not completely satisfied with Babyface for any reason, we offer a 100%, no hassle, guarantee of satisfaction.

How is our guarantee working so far ? We've sold tens of thousands of bottles, and we've only had one request for refund. In other words; Almost everyone is satisfied with Babyface. More than that, they recommend it to their family and friends. To us, that's the highest form of praise, and we certainly appreciate all the kind words.

Easy to use: Good for your skin: Reasonably priced: Fully guaranteed.

As we like to say, " The best you can buy, at a price you can afford."

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The Babyface Hands Test

Here's the demo that we perform in health stores, spas, and salons.

We spray the back of one hand, and let it air dry. Then have the customer check the back of that hand and compare it with the un-sprayed hand. Just that quickly they will find that the Babyface hand is smoother, and softer. What has happened here ?

The micro-structured water has penetrated the skin and plumped and tightened . Babyface works on all parts of the body, so it's great for dry elbows and knees, etc.

A Brief History of Electrolyzed Water

Electrolyzed water was first made by Russian scientists around the year 1900. They were amazed by the properties of this water. It could do remarkable things, and yet it was still water Probably the safest substance on the planet.

Fast forward to Japan of the 1970's; The Japanese perfected a method of safely making this water, and it was studied by Universities all over the country.

After finding many remarkable uses for this water, they began calling it "miracle water" ! ...As it is called to this day.

Now fast forward to current times. In Japan, Korea, and China, large electronics companies like Panasonic, manufacture and sell electrolyzed water machines by the thousands ! They make small machines for personal use, and commercial machines for use by restaurants, golf courses, and agricultural businesses

The personal machines are used for making alkaline water for drinking, which has proven to be very healthful. Some restaurants use this water for making ice cubes. These alkaline ice cubes make any drink ( Usually acidic) a bit more alkaline and therefore, very smooth tasting.

The large commercial machines are used for making acidic water. Using this water on golf courses, has reduced the need for chemical fertilizers by over 80%. And less dependence on chemical fertilizers means lower maintenance costs, and less pollution of ground water.

In upscale sushi restaurants, they rinse their raw fish in acidic water. This assures that all harmful bacteria are killed, while all the flavor is retained.

On many farms and greenhouses, the use of acidic water has increased the yield of cucumbers and strawberries, by killing the mold that usually plagues these crops.

In hospitals the acidic water is used to clean medical instruments, and operating rooms. They have found that it is 10 times stronger than chlorine bleach for this purpose. They also give the patients alkaline water to drink. They have found it to be very beneficial for a wide variety of ailments.

They named it right; Miracle Water

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