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Kids Care
Kids Care
Kids Care is a completely natural, ďouchlessĒ, first aid kit for children. It comes in a handy spray bottle, and contains no chemicals; no alcohol; no artificial coloring, and has no odor.

Because it is composed of 100% electrolyzed, micro-structured water, and sprayed on, the application is painless, but it is deadly to all bacteria and viruses.

How does that happen ? We have designed Kids Care with a ph ( Level of acidity) that does not allow viruses and bacteria to survive for more than a few seconds.

And yet, it is actually beneficial to the skin ! After it has killed the harmful bacteria and viruses, it hydrates the skin and restores the acid mantle, which is the skinís natural protection.

Are there any other products that do any of these things ? Donít bother to look; Only Kids Care does so much, and is so natural. Safe and effective treatment, for diaper rash, ear aches, insect bites, burns, cuts, scratches, itches, and any problematic skin condition. Safe to use as often as needed, Kids Care is completely hypoallergenic, and usually very soothing !

Fast and easy to use! Just spray the affected area and let air dry. Easy Peasy ! Any problem a child encounters, can be sprayed away with Kids Care.

And, we back it with our famous 100% hassle free, guarantee, so give it a try. Youíll be glad you did.

Kids Care ! Itís the best you can buy, at a price you can afford.

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